Vitamins, Minerals and Additives

QLF products are an excellent medium to carry and evenly disperse minerals and vitamins into TMR’s in order to optimise their effect upon the animal. Minerals and vitamins need to be fed consistently but at low levels. However any variation from this may be detrimental to animal performance and health, especially for those animals under stress.

Adding the vitamin & mineral pack to QLF products optimises the feeding accuracy, convenience and absorption, while decreasing the farm requirement for bagged ingredients and the handling /desposal of their packaging. This significantly reduces wastage and labour.

Cattle Sheep Optimiser Dry Cow
Zinc mg/Kg 600 400 900
Including Availa®  Zn mg/Kg . . 360
Copper mg/Kg 300 . 253
Including Availa® Cu mg/Kg . . 80
Manganese mg/Kg 140 150 200
Iodine mg/Kg 35 15 30
Selenium mg/Kg 3 2 4
Cobalt mg/Kg . . 3
Vitamin A iu/Kg 50,000 50,000 70,000
Vitamin D3 iu/Kg 10,000 10,000 22,000
Vitamin E iu/Kg 120 200 1000
Vitamin B12 mcg/Kg 90 75 .

“The vitamin and mineral pack is a premium supplement designed for feeding lactating dairy cows, plus heifer replacements and beef animals. The specification is shown above and can be adjusted to suit. Most of the mineral and vitamins have been substantially increased, especially Zinc and Copper.

Zinc is probably one of the most vital of the micro nutrients in ruminant nutrition whether that is for, milk or meat production. Key roles of Zinc include foot health/ locomotion, reproduction, immunity, antioxidant, protein synthesis and feed conversion.

Another significant micro nutrient is copper. Copper status plays a vital role in fertility (recognised by farmers as the number 1 mineral for this), immunity, and keratin synthesis e.g. for hoof, skin, and hair. Remember excess causes necrotic livers, thirst, jaundice and death.

Manganese is found in most feeds, although only 5% – 10% of manganese is absorbed. Manganese roles include reproduction, essential enzyme systems and immune function.

Iodine is necessary in the energy metabolism and in protein synthesis.

Selenium and Vitamin E are essential in the immune system. Both are antioxidants and free radical scavengers.

Cobalt function is the synthesis of Vitamin B12 within the rumen and the animal has no actual Cobalt requirement. Therefore QLF have added Vitamin B12 directly.

Vitamin A is crucial for skin/ membrane integrity and reproduction and Vitamin D is involved in the control of Calcium and Phosphorus metabolism.”


QLF also offer a number of additives which can be included within both standard and also custom liquid feeds. Our range of additives includes the following:

Myco CURB® – Mould inhibitor designed to preserve ration from mould and mite contamination
Caramel Flavouring – Used to ‘sweeten’ product aroma, particularly useful when milling finished product.

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