Organic Molasses

QLF Organi-mol:

QLF Organi-Mol is a 100% Organic Molasses supplement that has been approved by the Soil Association and the Organic Farmers & Growers.

As a result of the zero derogation for feeding non-organic products since January 2008, QLF have supplied fully organic molasses to the UK market.

QLF Organi-Mol is available nationwide and can be fed as part of a fully organic ration, providing a high level of sugars and energy, helping to improve intakes and palatability.

QLF Organi-Mol can be supplied in 1000 litre IBC’s or in bulk and can supply tank systems for new Organi-Mol users if required.

As Fed Dry Matter
Protein % Sugar % DM Protein % Sugar % Vit & Min Est ME Litres / Te
Organi-Mol 2 36 60 3 60 x 12.8 782

All feed rates must be approved by your QLF merchant or representative as they will be dependant on your ration and livestock being fed. Feed rates shown in the table below are typical rates for indication only.

Typical Feed Rates (Kg/head/day) Suitable Feeding Methods
Dairy Beef Sheep Youngstock Lick-tank Pour On TMR Mix
Organi-Mol 1.5 2 0.75 1 x

Organi-Mol is available in any quantity from 1000L upto 28 tonne bulk loads and typically has a 3 month use by date. Product delivery is normally on QLF Articulated vehicles though short articulated vehicles are available on request. All products are suitable for storage in a QLF supplied tank, please see the equipment section for more details. Custom products are available on request.

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