Mill Liquid Feed Products

Why our Mill is different

QLF Mill products differ from straight molasses. They have a higher nutritional profile that typically includes oil and biologically available phosphorus. The functional benefits the coatings bring to feed manufacturing include consistent colour, uniform coating, enhanced moistness and crawl, anti-caking and bricking, mould inhibition, reduced build up on equipment and an enhanced aroma.

The inclusion of oil within QLF’s products significantly reduces the build up of product on machinery and this is particularly important in mobile mill situations. QLF’s products have been proven to reduce build up on augers significantly more than has been experienced with other mill products.

The QLF Qualicoat range has been developed specifically for use in mobile mill and mix situations. The product is designed to reduce dust that is inherent in home mixes making the finished product more appealing to livestock, and providing stockmen with a healthier working environment. QLF Qualicoat also increases the palatability of the ration leading to increased dry matter intakes and reduced ration sorting.

QLF Supracoat has been formulated to include 5% oil which whilst giving the same benefits as Qualicoat, also gives the mixed feed a shiny and attractive appearance and prevents excessive moisture absorption thus increasing the longevity of the mix.

Whilst we will custom make our Mill products to suit your blending operation, our most popular Mill blends are detailed below.

As Fed Dry Matter
Protein % Sugar % Oil % DM Protein % Sugar % Oil %
Millcoat 6 27 . 60 10 45 .
Millcoat 28-10 6 27 0.9 61 10 44 1.4
Qualicoat 6 29 1 62 10 47 1.6
Supracoat 6 13 5 52 12 25 9.6

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