Liquid Feed Equipment

Storage tanks

QLF offer a range of storage tanks including lick tanks and 6,000 – 30,000 litre bulk tanks.

QLF tanks are designed specifically for the storage of molasses, liquid animal feeds and liquid carbon based fertilisers. They are made from UV Stabilised polyethene and toughened so as to store product up to a specific gravity of 1.5, they offer a simple and economic way to store bulk product on farms and commercial premises.

QLF’s farm pumps are also available and are designed to pump molasses and other viscous materials whatever the weather. Featuring a bronze gear pump, these pumps are extremely robust and corrosion resistant and will pump molasses at approximately 40 litres per minute. The pumps are available as stand-alone pumps with starter, or as a complete kit which includes the farm pump pipework kit.

This tank and pump system enables QLF liquid to be easily added into any mixer wagon. These tanks do not degrade like steel tanks and are semi-opaque allowing the level of liquid to be seen at all times.  The tanks must be sited on a solid, level base.  For customers requiring a larger storage volume, tanks can be linked together and piped into a single pump. Steel molasses tanks are also available for purchase on request.

Whatever your storage or lick-tank requirements we can provide equipment to suit your needs.


QLF lick-tanks are available in various sizes and are suitable for all classes of stock.

QLF offers lick-tanks for a range of feeding situations. These are manufactured from a high density plastic and hence are very hardy and long lasting. They can be moved around the farm when empty and thus can be sited easily where required. The picture to the right shows the internal design of a lick-tank.

Advantages of QLF tank systems:

  • Save money – bulk purchase QLF
  • Flexible siting – tanks can be moved around the farm
  • Semi-Opaque plastic – liquid level can be seen at all times
  • No rusting unlike steel tanks
  • Easy access via top manhole – simple to wash out & keep clean

Advantages of QLF lick-tanks:

  • Save time, labour and money (feeding a liquid is more cost effective than feeding blocks)
  • Ideal way to balance ruminant nutrition as they act as a “barometer” of feed intake where forage quality varies
  • Cost effective out of parlour feeder
  • Less bullying – All animals are able to supplement their daily intakes of energy, protein and trace minerals and vitamins.

Whatever your storage or tank requirements we have an allocated team dedicated to offering free impartial advice.

There are three types of lick-tank available:

4 Wheel, 1000 litre lick-tank

For dairy or beef cattle when at pasture or when housed. At 25 cows per wheel 1 tank is required per 100 cows. (Dimensions: Diameter 1.7m, Height 0.6m)

lick_tank_22 Wheel, 500 litre lick-tank

Designed for smaller herds and sheep or for in-house or barrier feeding where space is limited. At 25 cows / sheep per wheel 1 tank is required per 50 stock. (Dimensions: Diameter 1.3m, Height 0.6m)

lick_tank_32 Wheel, 200 litre lick-tank

This low-lick-tank is ideal for feeding sheep and has a built in lifting hook for easy transportation. One tank is required per 50-100 stock depending on re-fill frequency.

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