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QLF Optimisers product represents a revolutionary, highly mineralised liquid feed. Now common place in the USA, QLF Optimisers allow farm specific minerals and vitamins to be included within your liquid supplement. This has many benefits, not least as all minerals and vitamins can be uniformly mixed throughout the whole ration. This is important where feed additives are fed at very low levels, are required on a daily basis in specific quantities and are a significant part of the daily ration cost. Including these additives within a liquid feed ensures uniform dispersion as shown in the graph below which compares crude protein in a TMR mix analysed at points along a feed trough.


Whilst the requirements for each farm may differ, QLF have a great ‘standard’ optimiser product in the Dry Cow Optimser 25 as shown below:

QLF Dry Cow Optimiser 25

Download the QLF Dry Cow Optimiser 25 information sheet here

“Dry Cow Optimiser 25 is a fully mineralised liquid supplement specifically for dry cows. This product has been used extensively by QLF in the USA and the vitamins and minerals have been specified in collaboration with several UK mineral specialists.

Key Characteristics of QLF Dry Cow Optimiser 25

Molasses – provides very palatable 6 carbon sugars which help to promote dry matter intakes. A 1kg DMI increase pre-calving, results in 0.86kg DMI post calving. Molasses also helps to promote regeneration of rumen papillae.

Glycerine – a glucose precursor and as such is very palatable and high in energy.

Full Dry Cow Mineral and Vitamin pack – the specially designed vitamin and mineral pack includes chelated (protected) Zinc and Copper and high levels of Vitamin E and Selenium for the cow’s immunity system at calving. Magnesium is included to reduce the risk of Milk Fever by helping the ability of the cow to regulate Calcium blood concentrations. Magnesium Chloride also helps the anion : cation balance”

As Fed Dry Matter
Protein % Sugar % Mag% Phos % DM Protein % Sugar % Vit & Min Litres / Te
Dry Cow Optimiser 25 25 18 2 0.5 63 40 29 DC Opt 752

All feed rates must be approved by your QLF merchant or representative as they will be dependant on your ration and livestock being fed. Feed rates shown below are typical rates for indication only.

Feed 1kg to 2 kg of Dry Cow Optimizer 25 depending on forage and days from calving.

Typical diet 8 to 3 weeks pre- calving
Restricted grass silage or grazing
4 to 5 kg of straw
1kg of QLF Dry Cow Optimizer 25
Fresh clean water

Typical diet from 3 weeks pre calving
22 – 27 kg of grass / maize silage
3 – 5 kg of chopped straw
1.5 – 2 kg of QLF Dry Cow Optimizer 25
Fresh clean water

Dry Cow Optimiser 25 is available from 5 tonne upto 28 tonne bulk loads and typically have a 3 month use by date. Product delivery is normally on QLF Articulated vehicles though short articulated vehicles are available on request. All products are suitable for storage in a QLF supplied tank, please see the equipment section for more details. Custom products are available on request.

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