Dry Cow Products

QLF’s dry cow products are designed to balance their nutritional needs whilst making the management of dry cows and close up rations easier. They can offer part of, or a complete dry cow feeding programme and may be fed in a TMR, can be poured on or fed from free access lick feeders. QLF’s dry cow products may be effective by:

  • Increasing ration palatability and intake, thus the cow actually eats the required kilograms of straw.
  • Improving fibre digestibility, making better use of the straw which the cow has eaten.
  • Reducing ration separation and ration sorting.
  • Distributing nutrients and additives (minerals) uniformly.

Dry Cow optimiser 25 offers a complete dry cow product for high yielding dairy cows and has 25 % protein as fed, along with glycerine and a full mineral pack containing organic (protected Zinc and Copper). To see the full details of this, and QLF’s Optimiser products, please click here.

Dry Cow 20 + Mag

Dry Cow 20 + Mag is ideal for Suckler cows, offering high sugars combined with Magnesium Chloride and ‘Timed Release’ protein and is shown below:

As Fed Dry Matter
Protein % Sugar % Mag% DM Protein % Sugar % Vit & Min Est ME Litres / Te
Dry Cow 20 + Mag 20 32 2 65 31 49 Cattle 10.8 752

All feed rates must be approved by your QLF merchant or representative as they will be dependant on your ration and livestock being fed. Feed rates shown in the table below are typical rates for indication only.

Typical Feed Rates (Kg/head/day) Suitable Feeding Methods
Dairy Beef Sheep Youngstock Lick-tank Pour On TMR Mix
Dry Cow 20 + Mag 2 2 x 1.75

The product should be introduced gradually to acclimatise the rumen, typically in the first 1-3 days, 15% of target feed rate should be included. This should then increase to 40% (target feed rate) for days 4-6, 70% for days 7-9 and 100% after 10 days. Please confirm with your QLF Merchant or representative.

Dry Cow 20 + Mag is available from 1000L upto 28 tonne bulk loads and typically has a 3 month use by date. Product delivery is normally on QLF Articulated vehicles though short articulated vehicles are available on request. All products are suitable for storage in a QLF supplied tank, please see the equipment section for more details. Custom products are available on request.

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