Dairy Cow Supplements

QLF’s liquid supplements for dairy cows:

QLF dairy supplements use molasses as a base to provide a source of rapidly available carbohydrate (sugar) which is utilised by rumen microbes to enhance rumen function. Into this base QLF can add protein, oils, vitamins and minerals and will customise a liquid feed to suit a herd’s particular requirements.

Our dairy products are designed to be mixed in TMR’s, top dressed onto feeds and forage, or poured onto silage, hay or straw. Some of the products are also designed to be fed ad-lib through our lick-tanks which are detailed in the equipment section.

Highly Mineralised Products

QLF offers a range of highly mineralised products suitable for dairy cows.

Protein Products

QLF offers a range of protein products suitable for dairy cows all of which contain QLF’s unique ‘Timed Release’ protein.

High Sugar, High Energy Products

Provide an economical source of sugar and energy required in dairy diets.

Magnesium Products

Use QLF as an effective way of supplementing Magnesium.

Dry Cow Products

Designed to balance dry cow’s nutritional needs.

Heifer Replacement Products

Specifically formulated to aid weight gain of heifer replacements.

Ration Conditioning

Designed to condition the ration by coating all components of the TMR.

Vitamins, Minerals & Additives

QLF’s vitamin and mineral packs, designed to aid rumen function.

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