Rearing and Growing

Protein, not starch is the key for growing cattle. The larger the frame of the animal, the more likely a heavier finishing weight and consequently better grades. An increase of 25 mm in the height of a beef cow on average results in 45 kgs more lean beef. This could be the difference between a healthy return or in some cases a loss.

Feeding a QLF liquid supplement (which includes Vitamins and Minerals) can provide the protein and sugar required to better utilise forage, increase dry matter intakes and ultimately increase the cattle’s frame with good weight gains. Even when at grass, cattle need to grow frame and achieve target weights and feeding a QLF liquid supplement through a lick-tank is a very cost effective way of achieving this.

As Fed Dry Matter
Protein % Sugar % DM Protein % Sugar % Vit & Min Est ME Litres / Te
Heifer Grow 30-28 30 28 57 53 49 Cattle 11.4 804

All feed rates must be approved by your QLF merchant or representative as they will be dependant on your ration and livestock being fed. Feed rates shown in the table below are typical rates for indication only.

Typical Feed Rates (Kg/head/day) Suitable Feeding Methods
Dairy Beef Sheep Youngstock Lick-tank Pour On TMR Mix
Heifer Grow 30-28 2 1.5 x 1      

The product should be introduced gradually to acclimatise the rumen, typically in the first 1-3 days, 15% of target feed rate should be included. This should then increase to 40% (target feed rate) for days 4-6, 70% for days 7-9 and 100% after 10 days. Please confirm with your QLF Merchant or representative.

QLF’s rearing and growing products are available from 1000L upto 28 tonne bulk loads and typically have a 3 month use by date. Product delivery is normally on QLF Articulated vehicles though short articulated vehicles are available on request. All products are suitable for storage in a QLF supplied tank, please see the equipment section for more details. Custom products are available on request.

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