Liquid Cattle Feed

Why our beef liquids are the finest

There are as many different beef systems as there are farms. Choosing the correct QLF Beef product will help to maximise beef margins whatever the system. Whether supplementing high forage diets, fattening or finishing cattle, QLF beef liquids offer variable sugars and ‘Timed-Release’ protein and are ideal for all beef feeding regimes.

Our Beef products are designed to be mixed in TMR’s, top dressed onto feeds and forage, or poured onto silage, hay or straw.

Applying QLF directly to forages can enhance the utilisation of these roughages whilst applying liquid directly to the face of a bale will significantly enhance the nutritional value and palatability of hay or straw. QLF’s beef products are also frequently fed on a free choice basis through a lick-tank, allowing the cattle to adjust their daily intakes in response to the on-going changes in forage quality, stage of production and weather.

Whilst we have numerous liquid feeds for beef animals, our principal ranges are outlined below:

Protein Products

QLF offers a range of protein products suitable for all beef stock above 12 weeks of age.

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Sugar Products

QLF Sugar products help to increase palatability and improve fibre digestion.

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Magnesium Products

Use QLF as an effective way of supplementing Magnesium.

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Suckler Cow Products

QLF liquid supplements specifically designed to balance suckler cow diets.

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Rearing & Growing Products

QLF liquids supply the proteins and sugars required for growing cattle.

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Ration Conditioning

Designed to condition the ration by coating all components of the TMR.

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